Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm becoming famous... and I LIKE it!

In fact, I was so happy, I jumped in the mud!

Publicist and Virtual Book Tour Coordinator Angela Wilson blogged about me on her popular blog, Market My Novel.

Also, author Raul Ramos y Sanchez (winner of the International Latino Book Award for Best Novel 2008, no less!) tweetered about Pets and Authors. Raul's fish, Barry, will be stopping by this April to give us the lowdown. I'm looking forward to that! (evil doggie grin)

There have been some more developments for Willow the Dandy, who was my first interviewee a few days ago. After he appeared here and hijacked Lucy Coat's blog the next day, some dude from an important terrier club invited him to write an article for their 100th anniversary magazine issue.

Dear pets: if you appear here on my blog, only good things are on the horizon for you... fame and fortune await you!

My author mom, Mayra Calvani, has been trying to steal my spotlight and take credit for this blog idea--how dare she? Let me roll in the mud a bit more, that should teach her a lesson....


  1. We may get some of that mud pretty soon. I hear it will get warmer and we're getting a bit of rain. I don't think Rascal will want to roll in the mud, though, because she hates anything that's like water.

    She wants to be a guest here soon, but her mother is too busy with all her blogs to let her play here with the other dogs. Soon...

    Morgan Mandel