Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doggy News: Sadie to be character in Donna Shepherd's book

Lots of things have happened since Sadie accepted to appear on my blog last month. For one thing, I inspired his mom, Donna Shepherd, to write a book about Sadie and her other doggies, so she set to write and... voila! The children's picture book, titled "Poodle & Doodle" will be released by Guardian Angel Publishing in the near future!

Don't miss my upcoming interview with Sadie, by the way. He'll be my guest soon to spill the beans about Donna.

Below is a sample illustration from "Poodle & Doodle"... cute, isn't it? The artwork is the creation of talented children's book illustrator Jack Foster. Visit Sadie's blog, Oodles of Fun, to learn more about the book and to download "Poodle & Doodle" coloring pages.

I'm off to lunch! By the way, you see the photo of me in the park? I'm just admiring nature, NOT terrorizing the ducks!


  1. Oh, I love this picture! The one of you too Sadie. This looks like it will be a great book.

    Amigo, when do you sleep? Is Mayra a slave driver? LOL!

  2. Well, a dog's gotta play, and chasing ducks is a mighty fine way to get some exercise. Right?

    Thanks for posting my news and the illustration. Mama Donna put a new one up on the Oodles of Fun blog this week. Won't be long until I'm the star of a book!


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  4. What a great illustration! That's also a good photo of you outside by the water.