Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guest post by Giggles and Boots, proud owners of Cheryl Malandrinos

Please say hello to Giggles and Boots!

These two feline critters live with freelance writer and editor Cheryl Malandrinos. Cheryl's first children's book,
The Little Shepherd, just came out by Guardian Angel Publishing. Be sure to check it out here. It's a Christmas book, people, so keep it in mind for gifts. It would make a great stocking filler! Woof! I LOVE stocking fillers!

Anyway, what was I saying??? Oh yes--Cheryl! She's also a tour coordinator for Pump Up Your Book,
a book reviewer and a blogger. Talk about busy!

Meet Giggles and Boots!

Giggles: I have to admit, I like Cheryl. She pretty much feeds me whenever I cry long enough, she keeps my litter box clean, and she plays with me during the day.

Boots: Humph. That’s because you’re her favorite.

Giggles: I am not. I just don’t go after her feet when she’s sleeping or tear up the edges of the carpet the way you do, sister.

Boots: Whatever.

Giggles: Yeah, well if she has to replace the carpet in Sarah’s bedroom she’ll end up replacing you too.

Boots: Katherine wouldn’t let her do that.

Giggles: That girl has it for you bad. The way she carries you to bed with her each night, then brings you into the bathroom and sits you on the counter while she’s brushing her teeth, she’s teaching Sarah all kinds of bad tricks. Now she picks me up on the counter each morning and it is cold.

Boots: Well, at least she doesn’t paint your face with makeup like Katherine does.

Giggles: (Snickers) That touch of pink on your cheeks brings out the amber of your eyes.

Boots: Keep it up and I’ll make sure you get locked in the basement overnight.

Giggles: We’re supposed to be talking about Cheryl.

Boots: You’re the one who started talking about the girls.

Giggles: Fair enough. What do you think of those Giggles and Boots stories she makes up every night for bedtime?

Boots: Some are just plain silly. I mean, can you see us flying a hot air balloon or getting dressed up and going trick or treating? Why the kids love those crazy stories is beyond me.

Giggles: Lighten up, they’re kids.

Boots: Well, you and I are kids too, but you don’t see us acting all crazy.

Giggles: Uhem.

Boots: Okay, maybe a little crazy. But Cheryl is the craziest out of the bunch.

Giggles: I know. Can you believe she adopted us when she already had three other cats?

Boots: And her with those bad allergies.

Giggles: She must really love us.

Boots: Well, she loves you anyway.

Giggles: Stop it. Aren’t you the one she calls Bootie-rat?

Boots: She calls you Giggy-rat.

Giggles: Yeah, but she pets you more than she pets me.

Boots: That’s because I actually purr. You remember cats are supposed to do that, right?

Giggles: I like being different.

Boots: You’re different all right.

Giggles: What’s that supposed to mean?

Boots: (Looks around the room) Oh, nothing.

Giggles: So, what do you think about Cheryl’s writing?

Boots: Don’t you think she could have worked a cat into her first book, Little Shepherd? I mean, she’s got a cow, a donkey, and a sheep. Would it have been so hard to add a cat?

Giggles: I think you’re going to have to depend on Katherine for that. She’s the one who writes cat poetry and stories.

Boots: They say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

Giggles: I think you fell out of tree and onto your head.

Boots: You didn’t just say that.

Giggles: Yes, I did.

Boots: (Waves a paw in Giggles’ face) Oh, no you didn’t.

Giggles: Did….

Boots: Didn’t….

Monday, November 1, 2010

And the winners are...

Drumroll, please....

The winners of 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog, by Tamar Geller, are...

Kathy Skempe
Terri Donna
Suzanne Marion
Suzanne Lieurance
Jessica Kennedy
Rebecca Camarena
Teresa Dovalpage
Janet Ann Collins
Beverly McClure
Thelma Reyna
Linda Faulkner
Cheryl Malandrinos

Congrats to the winners!!! But darn, I see not everyone posted their email address in the comment, so it'll probably take me a couple of days to contact everybody.

I hope your doggies become better behaved from now on... Woof!