Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review of Homer's Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper

Hey, my mom recently reviewed Homer's Odyssey, written by Gwen Cooper for Blogcritic's 'Reviews in Brief'.

I thought I'd share it with you all... Enjoy! Woof!

Would you adopt a four-week-old stray kitten with a serious handicap? This is what author Gwen Cooper did and she writes her anecdotes in Homer's Odyssey, a book that will warm the hearts of cat lovers.

Homer's Odyssey is the story of an unusual cat — not only because he's blind, but because he's one of the most resourceful, intrepid and clever felines you'll ever meet. From the day he's adopted, to the time he saves Gwen from a burglar, to the horrific day on that tragic September 11th, Homer's antics will charm and surprise you. It'll also pull at your heart strings.

Cooper's prose is light and witty and shines with insight into the loving bond that can develop between a cat and a human. There's a little of romance and a lot of humor thrown into the mix. The interesting narrative and lovely flow kept me turning pages as if I were reading a fiction story.

The book also offers an important message: we must never give up on what at first glance seems hopeless. Indeed, a little love, faith and perseverance can go a long way.

I highly recommend this tender, sweet account about a very special cat, a very special lady, and how they changed each other's lives for the better.

--Mayra Calvani

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