Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Snowy, proud owner of author Linda Singleton

My guest today is a white kitty--appropiately named Snowy--who shares her home with popular young adult author Linda Singleton. In her books, Linda writes about goths, psychics, mermaids, aliens, cheerleaders, clones, parallel worlds and ghosts, and all kinds of stuff that make you jump in the night. She has even won awards! Her YA series, THE SEER and DEAD GIRL, were honored as YALSA Popular Paperback/Quick Picks. Pretty cool!

Snowy has been described as skittish and not cuddly (Hmm, I wonder if this is true. What do you think, from looking at her picture?)

So tell us, Snowy, how did you end up in Linda's household?

I came from a woman who lived in the country who had over 25 cats. Molly, with whom I share my home, was purchased at an animal-welfare event.

What is it like living with a popular author like Linda? I bet all that popularity goes to her head! Ha!

Some of her books may be popular (like THE SEER series) but she's kind of boring, sitting at that computer for hours ever day. It's like she's attached to that desk. Usually I curl up nearby. Molly does NOT want to be picked up but enjoys tickles around her neck.

I hear Linda writes books for young adults... books with dead girls onthe cover? Come on, gimme a break. Your human mom has a dark streak, if you ask me.

Technically Amber in DEAD GIRL trilogy isn't dead, it's just she's not in her own body, which gets complicated as she becomes a popular girl, the college sister of her new boyfriend and then her own best friend. There's a dead guy stalking her, too, which is really creepy, especially when he tries to convince Amber to join him on the dark side in DEAD GIRL IN LOVE. Fortunately the world of cats is very simple: eat, littler-box, sleep, eat, litter-box, sleep.

Of all her books, which one is your favorite?

The new book, MAGICIAN'S MUSE, because a cat plays a very important part in this book. Lily has mismatched eyes and she is the heroine of the entire book. Yup, not Sabine the psychic or that hot-looking Dominic who can talk to animals (we really like him). But it's Lily who leads Sabine to the secret hideaway in the woods.

Does Linda have a website or blog? Tell us!

Lots of blogging. Links can be found on her website: . She also has an author page at Facebook where she's shares the latest news:

Tell us something about Linda nobody knows.

Her first cat was named Pinky--and it was a boy.

Ok, so what's the best part about living with Linda? The worse?

Best is she lives in the country so we sometimes play outside. Bad thing is that there are coyotes in the country, so we have to be very careful and stay inside every night. Living with a writer rocks because she's home a lot. It's like she doesn't have a life except staring at that shiny computer screen -- and she doesn't even have a tail to chase which is just sad.

Thanks, Snowy! And give my best to Molly!


  1. Hi Snowy. You are a beautiful cat. I have a calico named Patches. I bet you keep Linda company while she's writing. We live in the country too and yes, you must be very careful of the coyotes.

  2. I just love animal interviews, especially with felines because my own Tommy is a great love of mine. Thanks for telling us about Linda and it sounds like you have a wonderful home.

  3. Linda Joy Singleton is a good writer and you're lucky to have her as your human, Snowy.