Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Pet Blogger Jack, proud owner of award-winning Oregonian artist K.C. Snider

My co-owner, illustrator K.C. Snider, doesn't have a clue. I can pull the wool over her eyes anytime I want to. I love to chew up her eyeglasses (they were only $700) and her favorite paint brushes, especially the ones that cost at least $65 each. I can snag those things off her table or desk faster than white lightening and she'll never know if someone doesn't rat on me. I guess she's a pretty good illustrator, at least that's what Lynda Burch says.

I definitely rule the roost around here. I get a treat for just about everything I do. If I go outside and bark at the donkey named Jack, as long as I come back inside when K.C. yells at me, I get a treat. Of course, I know how to pester K.C. until she gives in. My favorite treats are dried chicken and duck dog jerky, Boy, is that stuff expensive. I eat better than my other co-owner, Fred.

My name is Jack. But Fred decided when I was little that all I did was poop. My dad says that all I do is eat and un-eat. So he called me, "Little Pooper." And that sort of stuck, so now my mom calls me "Poop" and my mom's publicist calls me "Poop". I'll answer to anything as long as I get a treat.

K.C. is a really dedicated illustrator and she works at her easel until the wee small hours of the morning. Usually, I bug her as often as I can so she'll give me a treat. I'll jump up on her and make sure my claws dig in. I talk to her incessantly (just like right now). I nudge her with my cold nose. But once in a while she gets a little tired of me and puts me in my dog carrier. That's my 'doghouse'.

My mom doesn't snack while she works, unfortunately because I like to get the leftovers. In fact, sometimes she gets so absorbed, she forgets to eat. Dad has to come into the studio and complain loudly that he's hungry. Then things start to happen and pretty soon I'm licking a juicy plate. Dad says,"Well, we don't have to wash that one."

I love having visitors. I'm always a great hit with a crowd. I was definitely the life of the GAP West Coast Get-together party. Those folks (especially Lynda Burch and Susanne Batson) really made a great deal of me. Susanne even sends me gifts now. Mom won't let me have the red beanie baby dog because she says I'll rip it to shreds (I'm starring at it right now up on the window sill and everyone is very amused about that.)

My mom hopes some day that someone will write a book about me and she'll get to illustrate it. She'll really do a great job with that since she'll have me to model for her anytime she wants.

Well Amigo, I've got to go check on the dumb donkey and the rest of my territory.

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  1. I can vouch for the fact that Jack is one spoiled dog, although my owners say I am just as spoiled. I was at the GAP West get together. It was a ball! K.C, and her whole group sure treated us good. Although no one offered me any jerky. *sigh
    You sure have a good life, Jack.


  2. Sounds like you've got it made. I might have to become a Buddhist (Do they live other lives as animals?). I want to come back as KC's dog. lol
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  3. I was privileged to meet Jack and he's quite a character! Good interview.

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