Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interview with Amigo!

Who chose your name and what does it mean?

Choosing my name was a tough decision for the family, so they discussed the issue until late into the night. My human brother wanted to name me Homer, after The Simpsons. Finally, my genius Dad said, 'Amigo.' It flows well, it's short, and it symbolizes what doggies are all about: A man's best friend.

Where do you live?

I hang out with my human family in Belgium.

Why do you blog? You're a dog.

Why let that stop me? I have special paws--very special indeed! I can't go into detail here. Suffice to say it has to do with my having worked for the CIA two years ago. Besides, my hunger for fame goes beyond opposable thumbs.

I hear you're writing a book. What makes you think you can be an author?

The same thing that made Madonna think she can be one.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Napping, eating. Napping, eating. Napping, eating.

What are your favorite foods?

Junk food of all kinds. Pizza, burgers and doner are right at the top.

Any bad habits?

I love licking feet, the smellier and sweatier, the more delectable. The best is when my human brother comes home from football. He takes his shoes and socks off and... Oh well, I call them: 'Fresh out of the oven."

How do you treat your human siblings?

I don't get away with bothering my big brother anymore. With my little sister, it's another matter. If there's no adult looking, I'll push her around and even snap at her. I'll go as far as stealing her food (blueberry muffins, especially!) if I can manage to get close enough.

What if your family get another dog? Would you welcome him or her with love and affection?

What do you think I am--stupid?

How do you handle fame?

We're best friends.

Any last words of canine wisdom?

Okay, but this is a secret: Don't get fooled by my brilliant, witty personality and gorgeous, drop-dead good looks... inside, I'm a still a little puppy at heart, who loves his human family more than anything else in the world... even more than junk food (well, or at least close to it).