Friday, May 1, 2009

Interview with Tia, Mel McIntyre's Collie

Tia shares her home with children's book author Mel McIntyre, who's penned such delightful books such as Flutter Bunnies (well, the book is delightful, the bunnies are not--as you know, rabbits are currently my enemies). And, hey, cool--his publisher is the same as my mom's: Guardian Angel Publishing.

Mel has a website at

Tia is a 3-year-old Collie cross. But she’s never cross and has the sweetest disposition ever. She came to her new home in July 2008, and it feels like she’s always been here. She loves going for walks, romping around in the yard, and getting treats. Her other favorite activity is playing with her cousins during visits.

What type of books does your human dad write?

My master, Mel McIntyre, writes all kinds of stuff. I use the term “master” loosely, because it makes him feel better. But you know who’s really in charge. He likes writing articles and books the most. Usually he just sits and types and doesn’t seem to have any idea what he’s up to. I don’t mind: it gives me a chance to catch up on my beauty sleep. When it’s time to go out, I make sure he knows about it.

How long does Mel work each day on a book and ignores you?

Some days he works all the time. Even evenings. It drives me mad, especially when the neighbor’s dogs are out playing. Not that he ignores me, because I’d never let that happen. But he’s always got something on the go. Guess that’s the only way to make sure there’s enough dog food in the house.

Does Mel ask your advice when he’s stuck? Does he even listen?

It’s a good thing I’m so patient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to listen to the same chapter, over and over. And it never seems that different to me. Makes him laugh out loud sometimes. “Listen to this sentence,” he’ll say. But I’m not even sure what a sentence is. Sometimes he’ll ask me if this word is better, or if a character’s name should be Squidgy or Paintbrush. I just bark when I feel like it. He says “Thanks, Tia” and seems happy. That’s all that matters to me.

Does your human dad let you sit on his lap while working at the computer?

What do you take me for? I’m a proper dog. I’m not likely to sit on anybody’s lap, no matter how cute they are. You can’t beat a nice, soft carpet, in my book. Besides, I’ve got a bed in the front room, another bigger bed upstairs, a blanket on the sofa, and my special blankie on his office floor. What more do you need?

What does your dad do besides writing? Is he a hermit or does he actually set foot outdoors? My mom has to be dragged outside.

Besides that writing stuff, he spends a lot of time seeing to the fire. Got a woodstove in the basement, although I’ve never bothered to venture down there. Thinks he can heat the whole house with it. Humans, eh? The only good thing about it is that he has to go outside to fetch wood in (I don’t do ANY fetching, on principle) and to cut wood up. That means I get to go outside a lot more than some dogs do. Whenever I want to, really. Just have to bark, or whine a little, and he jumps to it. Better to go outside with me than have to clean up the floor, I guess. Not that I’d ever make a mess in the house: but HE doesn’t know that.

Thanks for stopping by this side of the woods, Tia!

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  1. Aw, Tia sounds like a great writing companion. So patient! I had to laugh when she said she has to listen to the same chapter over and over. :)