Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet L. Diane Wolfe's Black Cat Duo: Rocko & Spunky

Today my guests are Rocko & Spunky, two feline duds who share their home with L. Diane Wolfe. Diane is a professional speaker and author of the young adult novel, Circle of Friends, and the inspirational nonfiction book, Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk. Her blog, Spunk on a Stick, is filled with promotional and publishing tips.

Meet the Terrible Two:

Rocko & Spunky are black, American shorthair cats. They were abandoned as kittens by their first owner, but managed to sucker their new parents into adopting them. Spunky is the dominant male at fourteen pounds and is known as “The Love Bug” or “Buoy.” Rocko is almost six pounds lighter, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in mischief. Indoor-only kitties, they crave attention and love to play!

Welcome to my blog, Rocko and Spunky! What type of books does your mom Diane write?

Spunky: She writes YA fiction and some non-fiction. She says it’s all designed to inspire and help people. We’re just hoping someday she’ll write a book that helps cats! One that inspires people to serve… I mean, love us more.

How long does Diane work each day on a book and ignores you?

Spunky: She only writes an hour or so, but she’s always in front of the computer. At least I think so, because I tend to sleep most of the day…

Rocko: Oh, she is always in front of the computer!! I know, because I NEVER sleep!

I like to stare at my mom while she writes to make her aware that she’s ignoring me and make her feel guilty. What do you do to annoy Diane while she writes?

Rocko: I’ve got a whole list of things! Mom gave me a list when I first came into the house and said these were the things I should not do. So I start at the top and work my way to the bottom. First I chew on some plants. Then I try climbing to the top of the window, beating on the blinds as much as possible. Occasionally I’ll grab a stuffed toy and run off with it…

Spunky: Sometimes I’ll help. Rocko and I fight in the bathtub, shredding the shower curtain and making a lot of racket. Mom calls it drunken kitty tub wrestling…

Good work, guys. What does Diane do besides writing? Is she a hermit or does she actually set her foot outdoors? My mom has to be dragged outside.

Rocko: She’s gone a lot doing seminars & promoting. But sometimes she and Dad go to the movies or out to dinner. They watch movies at home, too. We prefer it when they play with us, though. Bouncing rubber balls sounds so much more fun than staring at that computer!

Is your mom crazy about book promotion? What does she do to promote her books? Does she ask your advice at times?

Spunky: Is she crazy? Wait, no, Rocko's crazy. Yes, Mom loves to promote her books! She’s very involved online and always out doing a seminar or speaking engagement or a signing. We tell her to slow down, but she never listens to us.

Rocko: She listens when we scream at her because our food bowl is empty! Which reminds me…

Which, in turns, reminds me too...! Woof!


  1. Thank you Amigo and Mayra!
    I'm sure this will go to their little furry heads...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. This sounds a bit too familiar, only substitute dog for cat. They are all like children who crave attention. Rascal especially does when Daddy's not around. She knows Mom's a sucker for her cuteness.

    Morgan Mandel

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  4. Sorry about the delete above -- I copied the wrong link, so I didn't want to confuse anyone.

    I mentioned your blog on mine today because it reminds me of a newsletter I used to publish back in the 90s. :)

  5. Terrific LOL interview. Great to get to know them.

    Best wishes,

  6. Would anyone like to take them home???

    Just kidding!

  7. I love this blog! It's so cute to hear from the authors' pets. :) I miss having a pet...

  8. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  9. Thanks to all for your comments!

    I love being so popular... Woof!


  10. Amigo, you've proven that you're one well-rounded dog considering all the cat interviews you've done!

    Love the blog, too.