Monday, October 11, 2010

Pet Interview & SUPER Giveaway!

Meet Clyde, proud owner of author and famous dog trainer Tamar Geller!

Is this cool or what? Famous dog-trainer Tamar Geller is giving away 20 copies of her NEW book, 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog, to Pets & Their Authors for a SUPER GIVEAWAY!

All you have to do to be eligible is become a Follower and leave a comment! Please leave contact info so I can contact you if you win. The 20 winners will be announced next Sunday, October 31--yep, on Halloween! You have until then to vote. Woof! Woof!

Only people who live in the US are eligible (sorry about that, but international postage is painful, you guys--nothing personal!)

Tamar is a bestselling author and amazing dog trainer. She has done dog coaching to the stars­. Among them are Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck Courteney Cox-Arquette, Owen Wilson, Natalie Portman, and Larry King.

Here to give us the inside scoop is her companion of 13 years, Clyde.

Hey, Clyde! When did you first find out your human mom, Tamar, was a dog trainer?

She took me hiking on our first date & then played games with me that she somehow knew they were my favorite games. I realized that she understood the wolf in me!!!!

Tamar is famous! I mean, she's been on Oprah Has this gone to her head?

If it were me, it would have gone to my belly.

But seriously my mom takes things into her heart not her head.

So I hear she has a new book out, 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog. Is
this true? Just 30 days? Isn't that being a bit too idealistic?

Dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for.... We need people to make it fun for us to kearn and it takes us no time to be their willing partners. When we feel empowered and heard you’ll be surprised what we will do

Where is the book available?

The book is available at book stores and online book retailers everywhere! In my opinion, it should be available at dog parks as well!

I'm a reasonably well-behaved golden retriever. I think my only bad habit is to stare longingly at my humans when they eat. I also bark of pure joy when we're ready to go out, which is twice a day. My mom wants to know how to stop this. (Okay, she forced me to ask this question!)

Tell your mom that when she's eating she need to give you a chew toy that you are especially fond of, one that isn’t always available to you. A nice uncooked marrow (soup bone) will do the trick. Now when it comes to barking before your walk, tell your mom you are a expressing pure joy and excitement for life. Tell her that I think it's cute to be so excited about such a simple thing.

I saw on your mom's website something about Operation Heroes + Hounds.
What's that about?

Operation Heroes & Hounds is a non-profit program to assist my canine buddies in the shelter as well as the brave men and women who have served our country in the military. They help each other to overcome anybad experience that they had in their past.

What do you love most about Tamar?

She cooks “real food” for me on a daily basis and everyday she takes me on at least one exciting excursion. I love to go to her friends who have dogs. But she also lets me know about 20x’s a day how much she loves me. I hear her say to me “I love my Clydie”. She plays ball with me too. I love that. I need that. Guess, I’m a loved dog, huh?

Did she take you to see Oprah?

Many times & btw…. I love playing with Oprah’s dogs. They are so much fun!

Okay, leave us with some words of canine wisdom………

As dogs we like nothing more than to know that our relationship with our human family is one of partnership and teamwork. We don’t want to be dominated by… or submissive to… the humans we love so much. We just want to be understood. We’ve got seven basic needs, ya know? (pssst…. read the book). And btw the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach! Woof!

Thanks, Clyde! Send a BIG kiss to your mom. I think I have fallen in love (don't tell my mom!)


  1. I would love to win this book. I have a dog, and though she is pretty good it is never bad to educate yourself more. I am following you and I found you on Mom Bloggers Club in the follow group. My blog is for contact info.

  2. We have three kids and are hoping to add a dog to our family within a year or two. But we know that we all need to learn how to train our dog before it even sets foot in our house so that we can all get off to a good start. Would love the book! Thanks...

  3. I love the idea of Hounds and Heros! My grandson is in Afghanistan right now. I know dogs can be a comfort and have a healing effect. god bless.

  4. I would love to win this book! I am a new follower:)

  5. This post is cute, and I sure could use the book for our Lab. He thinks he is too human...pillow on our bed and everything. He just doesn't like company and will bark and be jealous. I am sure the book would help my husband and I teach Louie some manners.Louie maybe should be the one leaving the comments. lol. I am a follower.

  6. God knows with four dogs, I could use some advice! The interview is great. Thanks for the opportunity to try for a book, too.

    Donna Shepherd, author of "Poodle and Doodle"
    Visit Oodles of Fun for coloring pages, fun videos, and more!

  7. Tamar,
    That's a great feather in your cap-Oprah.
    I'm a follower.

    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker

  8. This is Tasha the dog, from over at Dogs Rule Cats Drool at wordpress. I love visiting this blog and seeing all my dog friends. I should write a book titled, 30 Days to A Well Mannered Human, it sure takes a lot to train this family I live with. I hope you don't mind, but you can find me here at

  9. I can certainly use the little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Mariposa and Charlie Carlitos, are way too in touch with their inner puppies! Jau jau!

  10. We have a rescued dog who behaves pretty well most of the time, but a book like that would help a lot to make that become all the time.

  11. Oh boy would this help me out. I've got FOUR dogs - each one has their quirks and I'd like to outquirk every single one of them!

  12. Hi Clyde. You sound like a very smart dog. I need to read your mom's book because we may have a new dog. He's a little stray that's been haning around, but he wanders off too. If he stays awhile we want to keep him. Would love to win a copy of your book.
    Beverlysmcclure (at) aol (dot) com.

  13. aw, what a sweet post. We rescued our dog Princesa 2 years ago. She has brought love and joy to our family as well as all of the students that attend the elementary school behind our house. :)

    I am a new follower and hope to win a copy.

  14. Sounds like a great book....
    that I NEED...big time !
    Signed up....& Thanks !

  15. Mayra, this is totally delightful! You are such a gifted person to have wonderful insights into all the people you write about...AND animals! Congratulations, also, on your book CRASH and its humanitarian connection. We really need to clone you!

  16. I'm so glad to know that dogs love to hear "I love you." I tell my dog, Delaney, that I love him every day. (I also tell him he's my favorite boy...but only when the other dog and the kitties are not around.)

    Sounds like an excellent book.

  17. I'm a follower. I would love to have a copy of this book. I have several friends who could use it.

    Thanks for the chance to win.