Friday, December 11, 2009

Listen, people: Buzz's human dad communicates with pets!

I have a special treat for all my readers today. A fascinating and important interview for humans and pets of all kinds. My guest today is Buzz and he's here to talk about his human dad, Tim Link, who happens to be an animal communicator. Tim has been featured in many national newspapers, radio and TV. He helps people speak with their pets and even helps in the case of lost pets. I'm sure you'll enjoy the interview!

Buzz shares his home with his blind brother, Woody. See the photo on your right? Buzz is the doggy sitting on the right, and Woody is the one sitting on the left.

Thanks for stopping by this side of the woods, Buzz. To start with, tell us how you came to live with Tim.

About 6 years ago, my brother, Woody, and I were rescued from the county shelter by a rescue organization. Once we were washed and groomed and checked out by the vet, our pictures and profiles were posted on That’s where I was spotted by my mom, Kim. She sent the information to Tim, our dad, and they came to visit us. I immediately curled up and went to sleep in my mom’s lap. Woody took to dad immediately. After that, mom and dad took us to our new home where we’ve happily lived since.

You lucky doggies. That's great to hear! So tell us, what's it like living with a TV personality like Tim? He's been in about a zillion of newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.

I really don’t pay too much attention to this unless a TV appearance requires dad and mom to travel away from home. Then I miss them but, they always bring Bubby (a.k.a. Woody) and me a special toy or treat when they come home.

(He doesn't pay attention??? Yeah, right!) You also live with Woody. Are you good pals?

Woody and I are the best of friends. We’re brothers from the same litter. So, we’ve always been together. My brother lost his sight suddenly this year, so I help him get around without bumping into things. He does pretty well for himself most of the time, unless I get him too excited (e.g. barking at someone at the front door).

Oh, sorry about Woody! I can't imagine life without sight. He's really lucky to have you. But to go back to Tim, I have to tell you, Dude, I'm intrigued. I hear Tim is an animal communicator. What's that, exactly?

An animal communicator is someone who is able to communicate with any animal on a deeper, more intuitive level. This is great unless you’ve just done something that you shouldn’t. He always knows who did it.

Hmm. I'm not sure I'd like to meet your dad, then. He would know right away who stole the candy cane from the Christmas tree... and he would tell my mom! Can he help people who have lost their pets?

He helps to reunite a lot of pets with their families. He first communicates with the lost pet to find out if they are still alive and whether they want to come home to or not. If they are alive and want to come home, he then asks the animal for additional information that can help with their return. He also uses map dowsing in combination with animal communication to assist in locating lost animals. Dowsing has existed in various forms for thousands of years. In modern times, dowsing has been used to detect water for wells, mineral deposits and archaeological artifacts hidden in the earth. Using a map, this same practice can be used to determine the general location of the lost animal.

That is amazing! What services does Tim provide?

In addition to lost pet consultations, dad’s services include consultations to help with health and behavior concerns, Reiki energy healing sessions and consultations that assist families in dealing with the loss of a pet.

And now he also has written a book! Tell us how that came about and where the book is available.

When dad works with someone’s pet, he takes notes about the pet, what was communicated and the pet’s picture. When one of the journals was completely filled, my mom suggested that dad share the experiences with others through a book. It can be purchased through dad’s web site,, or through any major bookstore or online bookstore (, Barnes & Noble, Borders, IndieBound, etc.). Dad’s book also comes in electronic format and can be viewed through any of the electronic readers or on a computer.

Does Tim have a website and blog?

He has both. Dad’s web site is The blog can be viewed through the web site at:

Is there a newsletter people can subscribe to?

Yes. Dad distributes a monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to it from his web site at:

What do you love most about living with Tim?

I love that he loves all of us (Woody, the rabbit, the turtle, the 8 finches and 4 fish tanks full of fish) all so much and takes really good care of us. He is the best dad ever! Plus, it also helps that if we need or want something, we can tell him and he can hear us.

Between you and me here, what can I do to communicate better with my mom? Sometimes she doesn't understand that I want pumpkin pie and not that dry old kibble!

When your mom is spending time with you, have her ask you a question verbally and then you give her the answer (telepathically, of course). Ask her to trust what she is receiving from you. The more she trusts what she receives, the more the ability to hear you will grow.

Leave us with some canine wisdom, Buzz!

I’d like to share one thought with all the people out there. That thought is for them to open their hearts and talk to the animals in their life. Trust me. They won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what is going on.

Listen to this guy--he knows what he's saying!


  1. THANKS FOR THIS GREAT POST MAYRA. Tim's a friend of mine. He's terrific. In fact, I just finished his book. It really touched my heart. I find myself talking with and explaining moretomy dog, Lucy. She seems happier. Everyone whohas a pet should read Tim's book.

  2. What a wonderful and fascinating post. I believe it what Tim is able to do. Looking forward to purchasing this book for my friend, who has always said her dog understands what she says. I believe too.

  3. LOVE THIS! Great post and sounds like a must-have book. Thanks.

  4. That's amazing to be able to find missing pets. It's a great gift.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. LOVED this post, mostly becasue I've always talked to my dogs and cats--which my husband thinks is nuts--and have always seemed to know what they want when they start hanging around me; now I know we're communicating. Thanks!

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  7. Cute as usual. My dog will talk to anyone who will listen.

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