Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interview with John, Maryann Miller's feline companion

Say hello to John, a feline dude who shares his home with a very busy author named Maryann Miller. John is spilling the beans on her today. So read on, my canine and feline readers!

About John's human writer, Maryann Miller:

Maryann Miller is a diverse writer of columns, feature stories, short fiction, novels, screenplays and stage plays. Her work has appeared in regional and national publications, and the Rosen Publishing Group in New York has published her non-fiction books for teens, including the award-winning Coping with Weapons and Violence In School and On Your Streets. A romantic suspense One Small Victory is a recent release in hardcover from Five Star/ Gale, and Play It Again, Sam is a July 08 release from Uncial Press as an e-book. Other experience includes extensive work as a PR consultant, a script doctor, and an editor. She is currently the Managing Editor for , an online community magazine

You can visit her at her Web site at: and read her blog at

1. I see your mom Maryann keeps herself busy. But tell us, are you the boss of her?

Is this a redundant question? Cats rule.

2. (I see John is a cat of few words) What type of books does Maryann write?

As if I should even care. But last time I watched that funny little thing move around on the screen, I think she was working on a new humorous book.

3. Of all her books, which one is your favorite?

It would have to be One Small Victory. Why? Because she leaves these neat bookmarks and flyers about it on the desk and they make a nifty bed when I want to take a nap.

4. What do you do for amusement while Maryann pounds at the computer all day and ignores you?

There are all kinds of things I can do. Some to amuse myself, like playing with the dog, and others to let my mom know that I am still around. I love to open her top desk drawer, then crawl in for a nap. Or I can go knock all the food dishes off the washer and dryer. I live with two other cats and we get to eat on the appliances so the dog doesn’t get our food. I can do the food dish trick at dinnertime, or any other time I want to get my mom’s attention. If she doesn’t respond to that and I am really done with being ignored, I can just leap up on the computer keyboard. I am not sure if she has kept anything I wrote when I’ve done that, but she should. I’m sure I can write as well as she does.

5. Good tips, John. Does she let you sit on her lap while working at the computer?

In my dreams. Although I’m not really a lap cat. Now, don’t spread this around as I have a reputation to maintain, but I really like to be cradled like a baby. That does make it a little hard for my mom to hold me while she works. No hands for the keyboard. And I make sure of that by grabbing her hand if she tried to sneak it away from me. So she is always trying to make me sleep on this pillow she has put on the floor next to her desk. But really. The floor? So I pretend I don’t even see it. Sometimes I get up on the desk and try to gain access to her arms. If she pulls back, I just stand in front of the monitor. That’s when I can play with that funny little black thing that runs across the screen. Other times I will move to the end of the desk where she has papers and books stacked up. It’s great fun to sort of stretch out and knock them all to the floor. I like to change up my favorite place, just to keep her on her toes.

OKay, I promise not to tell. I also love when my mom cuddles me. I get a fuzzy feeling all over. (please don't tell her I say that!)


  1. Oh, John is such a gorgeous cat!!!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Thanks, Diane. We think so, too. But he definitely has an attitude.

  3. I will be gone most of today, so I won't be able to check back to respond to comments. Hope everyone enjoys meeting John.